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Potty Training is NOT linear: A real mom's perspective on potty training

I have (un)successfully been potty training my oldest kid (4 year old) for years. Yup, you read that right –years!! [Edit: As on this week, I *think* he is fully done with pull-ups!!! ] Ok, so he was 100% pee potty trained for a while now (even at night), but poop is another story. For the past 2 years, we have dealt with ups and downs in the poop world. It’s such a funny thing to even stress about because I am fully aware he won’t be going to high school in pullups, but man has this journey been FAR from what I expected and actually pretty stressful.

Now, I was sure my daughter would be a completely different story. After I determined she was well above “potty ready,” we did the 3-day intensive training and BOOM! It worked. Just like magic she was pooping and peeing on the potty. WELL NOT SO SOON, within the next week she was regressing and progressing day by day. You know the pooping and peeing in their underwear almost out of spite? Like did you just look at me and start making the poop face? Did I really get two kids who just didn’t take to potty training? I couldn’t be the only one?! Well after talking to a lot of moms, it turns out I am not…..

I feel like not a lot of moms mention the ups and downs that come with potty training. Sure, every kid has their fair share of accidents, but I am talking about full on regressions well passed the training period. Good weeks and “back to where we started” weeks. Before you begin potty training, you hear about all the ways to eliminate the diaper, that the process can be “hard”, but you never really understand that it may take months or even years to be fully free of diapers and pull-ups.

So I am here to say- potty training isn’t that simple. It can be complicated, it can take a lot of time, and there will be regressions. It will be ok though. One day your kid will use the potty to poop and pee and you’ll never think about a pull-up again. Until then, hang in there mamma and never believe you are the only mom with kids who spend YEARS trying to poop on the potty.

In pull-ups we TRUST,

the redefined mamma


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