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Q&A with Pelvic Floor Therapist Susan Bush from Revelle Therapy

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Pelvic Floor Therapy can be so crucial to a successful postpartum recovery, but a lot of women simply aren't educated on what and why it is so important. I sat down with Susan Bush, an amazing mom and pelvic floor therapist who works at Revelle in Atlanta, GA.

I asked her some pretty important questions and here are her responses:

  1. Question: Top 3 most common reasons to see a pelvic floor therapist?

SUSAN BUSH, pft: Top 3 reasons: urinary issues, postpartum return to exercise safely, pain with intercourse.

2. Question: What is Diastasis Recti?

SUSAN BUSH: Separation of muscles that occurs in pregnant women due to how we carry- where the restis adamonous separate

3. Question: How do I test for Diastasis Recti?

Answer: Finding a pelvic floor therapist is one of the best ways to confirm if you have diastasis recti or checking with your OBGYN. You can also self-test at home- to see what the width of separation between your abdominal muscles is at rest and with head lifted

4. Question: I have had diastasis recti for years, can it be fixed?

Answer: In these cases, I never say NEVER. It is always something to work on and improve and I always think its worth a shot because muscles are always changing. There are improvements that could be made.

5. Question: What is a lesser known reason I may need to see a pelvic floor therapist?

Answer: Child birth prep can be a great reason to come see us. We can help prepare you for a successful labor and delivery.

THANK YOU SUSAN! If you ever have any questions about pelvic floor therapy, please reach out to me so I can ask one of the professional at Revelle Therapy.



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