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Tips for the perfect grilled pizza night with kids

The moment I feel the fall breeze in the air, I want to cook everything outside. One of our favorite nights with the kids is pizza night, but it can be messy.

So we love taking it all outside so they can get as messy as they want.

Here are some tips for a successful grilled pizza night with kids.

- prep grill for direct heat (charcoal and gas work best) or blackstone

-put all the toppings in separate small bowls so the kids have a limit, but they can still choose what they want (think @raoshomemade , cheese, pepperoni’s, bell peppers)

-set up everything outside (big cutting board lightly floured for rolling dough, all the toppings, rolling pin, etc)

-once dough is formed, brush lightly with olive oil on the side you will be grilling first.

- once grill is hot, dip a paper towel in olive oil and use tongs to brush grill grate (if using blackstone or flattop just brush area with olive oil)

-slide dough off of rolling surface onto hot grill grates

-grill raw dough on one side, when top starts to bubble and bottom is slightly brown - remove

-flip over and let kids decorate grilled side. *encourage them less is more!!

-reduce heat, return back to grill on raw side and cook until cheese has melted.

If you take your pizza night outside this week, tag me in your photos! Love to see it.




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