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Hey ya'll! In September 2023, I lost my job as a real estate attorney and what I thought was my sure-fire path in life. I began to reevaluate what was really important to me. I wanted to be more present for my kids, but also needed something that was my own. I did what I do best, and I started sharing. I realized the more I talked about the hardships in life, the more people and other moms started to relate and appreciate my openness. So I set out to start talking and sharing all the things that makes this job of motherhood so very hard- but also beautiful. I am a mom of 3 learning how to navigate this new life. Redefining what it looks like to be fully present for your kids and family while also finding the best ways to become a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled me. I am sharing all the hacks, recipes, and realness I can in order to make your life a little easier; or perhaps, make you realize we are all the same and you are not alone in this motherhood journey. I can't promise it will always be pretty but it will be authentic and honest. If I can make your journey any easier and help you feel a little less alone than I have done my job. 


Mamma,  attorney, creator


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